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Permanent /Temporary Staffing

Permanent /Temporary Staffing
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Kshatriyas is one of the leading Permanent/Temporary staffing service provider, provides consistent temporary staffing solutions that helps in building staff strength with ease. Kshatriyas provides one of the most advanced and professional process of hiring for temporary staffing & regular staffing even in critical times, without affecting your ongoing projects. Now temporary staffing has become a crucial hiring strategy for all companies in India, has all the responsibilities towards the employees from employers is handled by staffing Company. Kshatriyas hires skilled and experienced workers for temporary/contractual basis, who can work in a client company for a specified duration or for a project.

Permanent Staffing

Hiring permanent employees and absorbing them into your organisation is a serious commitment, so you better make sure that you’re making this commitment to the right people. We are here to help you pick out just the right ones.

Kshatriyas permanent staffing solutions give you access to fully screened and qualified candidates in any industry of your choice. We have a strong team who dedicate themselves to helping your company achieve its business objectives. Our process is foolproof and ensures that we offer our clients the best candidates at any level, with the fastest turnaround time.

Find the right employees for your business
If you find yourself wading knee-deep in resumes from candidates who do not meet the requirements of your project or business, you are wasting precious time, money, and energy. Leave staffing problems to the professionals, so you can focus your energy and attention on what really matters - your core business. You can rely on our professional recruiters to find the perfect employees for you to either increase staff strength for new projects, or to replenish your employee numbers.

At Kshatriyas Business Services, we are dedicated to creating the perfect employment matches for our clients. With us as your permanent staffing solutions provider, you can rest assured that you will get the most suitable employees who are ready to work hard and stay loyal to you.

Highlights of our permanent staffing services
  • Permanent employees who will stay on our rolls
  • Payroll and personnel administration
  • Statutory compliance, remittance of statutory payments, and other related administration
  • Employee registration under ESIC & EPF schemes

What we do
Before we start looking for candidates, we first study your requirements in detail, undertake comprehensive research on the industry, and create interest around your company to attract the best talent.We will customise our talent search to your specific requirements so that we can shortlist the individuals or teams that are most capable of handling the unique challenges that they will face at the organisation.

Our experience in permanent staffing services and the network of recruiting experts use client specific and consultative strategies to pick out just the right fit for your company's culture and business needs.

Our process

Understand your requirements
The first step in our process is understanding the client - you. We will spend time understanding your business, long-term and short-term objectives, company culture, and background. If needed, we will also visit your workplace to get a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the ideal candidate that you're looking for.

Customised recruitment plan
Once we gather all the details, we will match the quality candidates to your requirements. We have a good network of job seekers and talented candidates. We also use our strategic alliances, personal networks, and contacts at civic and professional organisations to widen our search.

Shortlisting and verification of candidates
Once we identify a few candidates, we will start with customised interviews to start the shortlisting process. The top candidates will have the hard and soft skills that are necessary for the profile. We also conduct a background check, and verification of work history and professional references.

Out of this pool, we select the most suitable candidates and forward you their profiles. We work closely with you to help you select the best candidate and finalise the job offer.

Finalising the job offer and follow-up
We will also help you with the final job offer, managing negotiations, and securing the signed offer letter from the candidate. We also have an ongoing follow-up process where we work with you and the candidate to ensure that the on boarding process goes without a hitch.

In the dynamic market today, it is hard to find reliable talent that meets your unique needs. Kshatriyas solves your staffing problem by sourcing and recruiting the best candidates who have the potential to become permanent assets for your organisation.

Temporary Staffing
Across the country, organisations big and small are struggling to deal with increased government regulations and volatile market demand. When things are uncertain, you may not want to hire permanent employees on a full-time basis. You want the flexibility of an agile, on-demand workforce who is equipped to run your business operations just the way you want them to.

Kshatriyas Business Services provides reliable temporary staffing solutions that offer you the ability to build your staff strength without absorbing them full time, assist overloaded employees during critical times, and keep projects moving. We are one of the leading employee leasing services in India, offering a full service, cost-effective, and efficient Human Resource Management services to organisations that may not have the necessary infrastructure or inclination to perform these labour-intensive tasks. When you hire us as your temporary staffing agency, we would work just like your company's own HR Department, minus the hassles and tediousness that you’d otherwise have to deal with

Highlights of our temporary staffing services
  • Temporary employees who will stay on our rolls
  • Payroll and personnel administration
  • Statutory compliance, remittance of statutory payments, and other related administration
  • Employee registration under ESIC & EPF schemes

We recruit for your needs
We have a proven, time-tested recruitment process which allows us to recruit just the right candidates for your company. We have professional networks all over the country which give us access to a huge base of candidates. We vigorously screen, shortlist, and evaluate potential candidates to give you the choicest picks.

Decrease your costs
Our temporary staffing services will allow your company to staff up or down depending on the needs of your current business cycle. Temporary staffing allows you to bring down your costs on hiring, training, and providing benefits to new employees, along with the administrative costs of the human resources department. It also lets you give a respite to your permanent staff who may be overloaded during busy periods.

Why Temporary Staffing Services is best?
Over the time, the process of Temp Staffing India has proved to be one of the best business solutions in the industry. There are several types of advantages which can be enjoyed while hiring a staff from the temporary staffing agencies.
  • Work flexibility - The candidates are free to work according to their flexible time. There is no scope for hectic schedule in such temporary works.
  • Hire easily - Temporary Staffing process has cut off the formalities of interview and CV shortlisting which are time consuming as well as very hectic. Direct hiring by signing a contract with the staffing agency is the new trend in such temporary services.
  • Try before hire - Trying out the abilities of an employee by some demo services, before hiring permanently, allows you to derive satisfaction from them. Temporary hiring allows the firm to observe the employee for a period of time before taking any decision.
  • The organizations can only hire extra employees when required at a certain fixed amount.
  • The employees can develop good working experience by working with many companies, within a short period of time.

Reduce administrative burden
There are umpteen laws that organisations have to comply with in India - minimum wages, gratuity, ESIC, PF etc. just to name a few. Kshatriyas Business Services takes over the burden of all administrative tasks by acting as the central point for all temporary staffing requirements including labour law compliance and other legal issues. We have a team of legal and compliance officers to ensure that your business will be in 100% compliance with all the statutory regulations in the market.

We work with our clients for hiring or identification of temp resources and take the selected resources on our payroll for providing the payroll support services to the client. Alternatively we also take on our payroll, resources pre-identified by clients or existing ones from any other sources. Kshatriyas takes complete responsibility for all HR Administrative activities, statutory employee benefits and compliances for the outsourced resources. The operational and performance related aspects are monitored by the client and the client retains complete control of the same.

Kshatriyas Business Services is not just a company but a journey with a Goal of bringing Employees and clients at one place where they can chose each other and work towards mutual success and gratification!

We are 'Placing Peoples at Work'

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